Did you know that the popularity of cricket is in rivalry with soccer and only slightly inferior to it (well, not in our country, of course)? This English national sport is trendy at home and in former British colonies: India, Pakistan, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and others.

There are many different championships and leagues in cricket, all with their characteristics and rules. In general, cricket ranks first in the world by the number and variety of regulations. It can be different not only the laws of the game but also the formats of tournaments, the number of participants, etc.

The basic theory of the game comes down to the fact that on the grass field against each other, two teams, each of which acts for 11 athletes. Teams take turns hitting the ball with bats, scoring points, and trying to prevent the opponents from doing so. The game has no time limit. The basic principles of cricket resemble a baseball. The key players here are the bowler (a pitcher) and batsman (batter).

Of course, we will not describe all the rules of cricket in this article, and it would require a whole series of articles. Bettors interested in this sport can easily find cricket and its variants on Wikipedia and other information sources. Our task – to talk about the basic principles of betting on the sport, to show that with cricket betting apps for real money can be as good earnings as in soccer, hockey, basketball and tennis betting.

Betting on cricket is not more complicated than other sports betting, especially since legal betting companies offer a wide range of lines, which everyone can find the event to their liking.

Types of cricket bets

In bookmakers’ lines, cricket is presented by a wide range of bets. These are both essential and additional outcomes. Depending on the tournament’s prestige, bookmakers may offer quite exotic bets. For example, which team will win the toss, and this bet involves choosing the team that will be the first to bat. And in general, cricket offers a standard for all sports betting:

  1. Betting on the outcome.
  2. Betting on odds/handicap.
  3. Bets on the total.
  4. Additional bets.
  5. Special bets.

There can be no draw result in cricket, making bettors much easier. The prediction comes down to the fact that it is necessary to choose the winner of the two teams. Another feature of this sport is that here the favorites lose very rarely. Therefore, if the bookmaker’s line is too tiny odds on the victory of one of the teams, it can safely be taken in the express.

Outcome Bets

In the line of legal bookmakers: Marathon, 1xbet, Betsity, Parimatch, offering cricket betting, you can find a large selection of events for betting. We have already said that there are many different championships and leagues of the sport, each with its format and its own rules. When choosing the winner of the match, bettors should consider it because the advantage of their field in cricket plays a considerable role.

Cricket is a sport where betting by leaps and bounds will not bring profit. Many people are playing government lottery Need to operate with large amounts of information, taking into account every detail. Even picking the winner of the match will require the bettor to know about the teams’ composition, the tournament’s format, and, of course, the weather forecast.

Heavenly Chancery makes adjustments to the game. The thing is that the teams play in different weather conditions, adapting their style. That is why a change in weather during the match may be to the advantage of one group and may ultimately disrupt the opponent’s game. So, if you’re planning to bet on cricket, don’t be lazy and check out a specialized website to know exactly what the weather is expected on the day of the match.

Betting on a handicap/fora

Depending on the tournament’s format, the bettor may be asked to play a team handicap in two positions simultaneously, such as the number of wickets taken down and the number of runs. The number of doors means the number of points scored by the teams during the match. Such offers can be found in the bookmaker’s office 1hstavka. Other bookmakers either refrain from such requests in the line or may offer these bets independently.

Total bets

Here, too, bookmakers’ offers can be diverse. The most common are bets on the number of points a team will score. In the line, you can also find suggestions on the individual number of points of each section and the number of issues that the teams will score before the first wicket is destroyed. When betting on totals, you need to clearly understand the tournament’s format, as this will be crucial in calculating the total number of wounds.

Additional bets

Such bets can include all offers that are not included in the baseline of the bookmaker’s office. Examples of additional bets are bets on higher or lower values of for and totals, exact score, and even odd match totals. The latter suggestions can be classified as automatic, as any factors do not influence them, and it is tough to find any system in such bets.

Cricket betting Life

Today, some betting shops are not available. The register of banned sites “absorbs” them, leaving only large companies with existing betting facilities and the necessary licenses.

Among them is Betway, offering cricket betting in different countries (Latvia, Australia, etc.).

At Betway, it is convenient to place bets, and all transactions here go through a particular organization TSUPIS. This ensures complete transparency and high security. After registration and profile verification, you can choose cricket matches.

In LIVE mode, two games will be available in a few hours. You can make bets in advance or wait for the online broadcast. To add your chances, click on the odds under the win columns of one of the teams.

You can also see the available matches in the BK 1xbet. Sometimes additional bets appear here, in which you can bet money on:

  • ranked total;
  • regular total;
  • best player;
  • best scorer;
  • best partnership.

You should not bet money if you are unsure of the outcome. Otherwise, it turns into a lottery. Although most BC customers open bets on their favorite teams, they do not want to calculate anything.

But some approach the case professionally. Everyone has his strategy for betting on cricket, developed through experience. Universal techniques do not exist; you need to analyze the teams, collect statistics, and, based on this, make predictions.

Top cricket betting apps

Cricket accounts for the most significant volume of bets in the BKs worldwide. Naturally, bookmakers pay special attention to this sport, offering the most comprehensive lineup and solid odds for the people of India. In addition, many mobile best cricket betting apps are designed specifically for cricket betting.

Tips for finding the best online cricket betting apps

To find a decent cricket betting app, you need to decide on a betting company. If you choose a reputable bookmaker, it will have a mobile app with exclusive features for soccer betting. However, a few parameters are still worth paying attention to.

Wide cricket coverage

The more comprehensive the cricket line, the more attractive to the bettor. Some bookmakers only offer big markets in their lines and mobile applications (the most famous leagues and tournaments), but the leading companies also put odds on little-known competitions. The maximum coverage of cricket competitions in the line indicates the solidity of the bookmaker. Among cricket betting apps in india , 1xbet and Betsiti can boast of an extensive cricket line.

Competitive odds

Since cricket accounts for the most significant bets in all bookmakers, bookmakers try to put the smallest margin on these events. The higher the odds offered by a bookmaker’s office in its app, the more chances a client will choose that particular app. The odds on cricket should be high both in the pre-match and in play.

Exclusive cricket bonuses and promotions

Almost all betting apps cricket companies offer bonuses both to new customers and existing players. Many betting companies give personal bonuses on specific sports, particularly cricket, and such promotions are usually arranged for significant cricket events.

Keep in mind that any exclusive bonus, like any other, will have to be wagered. The bookmaker himself determines the wagering conditions, and not always they are loyal to the bettor.

While cricket in CIS countries is not as popular as in the UK and its former colonies, betting on the sport has already found its admirers, and more and more bettors get inspired by the spirit of national Indian sport. Even though the rules of cricket are incredibly complicated and have a lot of features, we recommend getting to grips with them.

Some may find the sport tedious because the match format can change due to weather conditions, and the rules are not spelled out the timing of tournaments. But the amount of india cricket betting apps is getting bigger every year, which means that while you are thinking about getting into the sport or not, other bettors have already mastered the rules and are earning handsomely. So, do not miss your chance!

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