We at DS have always tried to give you a glimpse into the madness and chaos that goes on in a creative agency. But here’s an analogy that’ll give you a clearer picture. North Carolina-based agency The Variable has created a series of parody videos that compare agency life to surviving in the wild. Titled Adland Adventures, the videos use relevant wildlife footage and witty, David Attenborough-style voice-overs to get the message across. Check them out below.

1. Assistant Account Executive vs. Group Creative Director

Feedback is only an obstacle for the weak.

2. Perilous Emails

Experience the horror of discovering a full inbox.

3. Nocturnal Desperation

With its back against the wall, the copywriter makes magic happen.

4. Big Idea Hunting

Witness a living example of how to achieve creative success.

5. Eavesdropping

An art director hunts opportunity and catches less than expected.

6. Design Process

Go inside the brain of a designer — hear its inner brilliance.

7. Legal

This video went through three rounds of revisions and a two-week approval process.