Kells O’Hickey, an sketch artist from Minnesota has chosen to give himself and his better half a makeover. 10 times. Just he utilized illustration as opposed to trying different things with wacky haircuts or luxurious garments. “Drew Linds and I in 10 different famous cartoon styles,” he composed subsequent to nailing each and every one of them.

Kells “obtained” the lines and shapes from the notorious South Stop, the famous Simpsons, and different demonstrates that have vanquished our screens. Look down to look at the splendidly O’Hickey’s scrupulousness and vote in favor of your top choice “changes!”

#1 Adventure Time

#2 Dragonball Z

#3 Generic Modern Disney Style

#4 Simpson’s

#5 Southpark

#6 Bob’s Burgers

#7 Family Guy

#8 Rubberband/Cuphead/Old Disney Style

#9 Steven Universe

#10 Rick & Morty

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