A lot is being said and done to increase the number of women in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) sectors around the world. But not many people are talking about the kind of stuff female engineers have to face on the job. Well, not like this anyway.

Presenting, all the ridiculous reasons the world thinks girls can’t code, as heard and experienced by the girls who do, in fact, code.

This video is everything. In fact, these reasons can be applied to any field that’s considered ‘unfit’ for women. It has been created by the not-for-profit organization, Girls Who Code, which was founded by Reshma Saujani. Reshma, and her team of talented coders, started working to increase the number of women in STEM sectors in the United States of America in 2012. The NGO has grown considerably, and has branches all over the world now, including a really active team in India.

Talking about their new campaign, Reshma said, “We feel that in addition to teaching girls to code, we need to change culture. We really wanted to spark a conversation about what we could do to create a more inclusive, well-rounded image of what a programmer is.”

A big yaaasss to all of that!