90’s hit song Tip Tip Barsa Pani made a massive buzz at that time and the moves by Raveena Tandon and Akshay Kumar that are as famous today as they were in those days. The melody from the 1994 film Mohra was stupendous, the way it caught both Raveena and Akshay’s romancing in the rain. The yellow chiffon saree worn by Raveena was trend setting at that time. Tip Barsa Pani had an energetic vibe that no other song figured out how to make that right on time in the 90s. A long time may have passed however the liking for this tune hasn’t vanished. From dance reality shows to YouTube viral videos, everybody tries a hand at their own adaptation of this hit song.

This all-girls Jazz dancing crew ‘BOM SQUAD’| Radhika Mayadev, Roshini Nair and Svetana Kanwar they are from Mumbai have danced on this massive hit and they were just bang on. They did Bollywhack dance form which is an amalgamation of Bollywood jhatkas-matkas and whacking. This version of the song created a sensation on YouTube. The 2.02-minute video already has 116,745 views and 2000 shares.
Have a look at it: