You can unwind and rests in a bath loaded up with beer along with fragrance oils, hops, yeast and water. What’s more, you can wash in both young beer and live beer yeast! The bathwater has no alcohol so there is no age limit for relaxing in this fascinating bath. But some of these beer spas even provide a personal beer tap for the visitors to enjoy beer from while soaking in beer!!

1. The Chodovar Beer Spa And Brewery; Czech Republic:

2. Bjorbodin Beer Spa; Arskogssandur, Iceland:

3. Starkenberger Brewery; Tarrenz, Austria:

4. Beer Spa Granada; Granada, Spain:

5. Thermal Beer Spa; Budapest, Hungary

6.Calistoga Ranch; Napa Valley, California

7.Misugi Resort; Kyoto, Japan