The amount of work done and the related remuneration many a times don’t match. In most cases, the work deserves a much higher pay but sadly because people are desperate for a job, they take it. Having exercised this option of under pay for so many years, many employers do not find this an issue. They continue hiring people at low pay and people continue to flock to them.

However, now it seems the situation has changed. Recently, renowned author, Rashmi Bansal wrote a post on Facebook that she aims to hire a full time intern for an entire year but refrains from paying. Under the facade of providing “exposure”, people like her exploit their interns and feign superiority. Unlike the times when people ignore such employers, this time they took to the comments section and voiced their opinion on the slavery she is trying to mete out to the unfortunate who would apply.

This is her post.
 “I am looking for a hungry and foolish young person who would like to work as my apprentice.This will involve research, fact-checking, handling my audio and video files, their transcription, accompanying me for interviews. It is a full-time job based in Mumbai and will also entail travelling both within the city and outside.

Overall profile:
You can be a graduate of any discipline, I don’t really care. But you cannot be employed or studying elsewhere. Or preparing for MBA or any such side activity. This work requires your full attention and focus.
You should be an avid reader.
You should have impeccable English language skills, knowledge of multiple Indian languages would be a plus point.
Don’t have to be a published writer but I need to see some proof of writing ability – a blog, journal, whatever.
Should be comfortable with technology though need not be an engineer.
Ability to learn quickly and take feedback.
Commit to working with me for a minimum of 1 year.

What you get in return is a chance to learn everything I know – what they don’t tell you about writing, publishing at any media school or B-school. You will get credit in my next book. And you will get a small stipend (but apply only if you would have worked, even for free! because I want to see that kind of passion and devotion).

Please apply only if you are dead serious and willing to start at the earliest. Send in a one-page profile and one writing sample or link to [email protected]. In your covering note tell me why you should be selected, why this idea appeals to you. And please be as honest as possible. I hate bullshit in any form.
Look forward to hearing from The One for whom this position is meant to be…”

The people rightly accused her arrogant among other things.