Having curly hairs is not at all a blessing I guess? It becomes so difficult to handle those hairs. Whereas, in Disney world it looks like every princess is blessed to have perfect silky and smooth hair. Indian comic artist and glad wavy hair-owner Angela Mary Vaz is utilizing her creative ability, and a lot of amusingness, to redraw Disney’s most adored princesses with full heads of spiraling tresses – and the knocks in their ‘romantic tales’ that happen accordingly.

Vaz is the creator of Stray Curls, an Instagram blog that reports her own everyday battles with her boisterous mane. The ‘Wavy Princess’ adventure begun with an attracting of Rapunzel attempting to let down her grouped up hair (her straightener kicked the bucket; we’ve all been there) back in September, and since her fans just couldn’t get over the amount they identified with it, she continued going until the point that the entire Magic Kingdom had steel fleece leaving their scalps.

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