As we all already know, the first official trailer of ‘Aquaman’ was the most viewed and talked about movie trailer from San Diego Comic-Con.The top-performing clip was the official trailer uploaded to Warner Bros. Pictures’ YouTube channel on July 21st. And, it pulled in about 26.9 million views alone, with 24.4 million arriving in the first three days. Not only did the Aquaman trailer pull in the most views, it also generated the most social media conversations at more than 369K impressions!

Watch the first official trailer of Aquaman here-

After much anticipation, Warner Bros. just released an elaborate second trailer for December’s Aquaman last night, directed by James Wan, starring Jason Momoa as the ‘Protector of the Deep’.

The footage gave a look at what Atlantis resembled before it submerged into the sea and more clues of what’s at stake for Arthur Curry (Jason Mamoa) as he accommodates his ties between the two universes to battle and unite both of them. Amid Arthur’s childhood days, Nuidis Vulko featuring Willem Defoe shows him the methods and ways of the ocean and instructs him to overlook his human half, however Arthur battles to do as such — and that may be the very thing that makes him an extraordinary ruler and a legend.

Helping Arthur in his quest is fellow royal Mera, played by Amber Heard, who has some interesting abilities of her own. Together, Arthur and Mera must search for the lost Trident of Neptune, which was last seen in the possession of the late King Atlan, and is a weapon powerful enough to turn the tables in the fight against Ocean Master. In order to track it down they’ll need to dig into the history of their people, and fend off attacks from Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) and his cronies.

Watch the new and the final trailer of Aquaman here-

The trailer flaunts political interest, as the lords and royals of Atlantis plot the concealed realm’s next moves; wonderful underwater city escapes, with fantastical creatures and flashing design and architecture; and giant sea animals with expanding throats, threatening to devour quick swimming submarines.

Aquaman is set to hit the big screens on December 21.