Majority of people in the globe let down women in almost every phase. There are few humans who actually want women to stand on their own. Anyways, whatever the situation is some of the women just choose to stand up and back themselves. Self-motivation is the best thing. When you walk alone, you grow faster.

Much same as us, this young lady from Karnataka is the first lady taxi driver in South India. However it’s her journey and how she chose to change her fate, which will make your chest swell with motivation and pride!

Selvi got married at the young age of 14. She was into an oppressive marriage with her better half. She wanted to finish her life by jumping under the vehicle; rather, she boarded that and started driving it which made her the first lady driver of South India. Here is the documentary:

In a nation like ours, where women have fewer opportunities and require more of the motivation to fight every battle regardless of all the hurdles, Selvi’s words will resound in your ears-

“There is no run in India to continue enduring”.

Each young lady must take motivation from this and learn. We may battle our own particular fight, some enormous and some tiny, however the saint inside us ought to dependably continue taking motivation from seemingly insignificant details that issue.