Does it truly make a difference whether you go through your existence with a person you are now enamored with or a person who you met through a rishta meeting? All things considered, what makes a difference most is the similarity both of you share with regards to going through your existence with each other. This short film ‘Lovey Dovey’ by Madmidaas Films is a story of an organized marriage romantic tale and it’s quite recently so excellent. Featuring Nidhi Singh, one of most loved on-screen characters from Changeless Flat mates, and Rajeshwar, this one will simply make your day. It’s an account of an armed force man and his better half, an account of a not really sentimental yet uncommon Valentine’s Day and an account of a couple who at last become hopelessly enamored with each other. Along these lines, here, watch this short film and we are certain you’ll adore it

A cute-awkward, unromantically- romantic and unconventional story of an army man celebrating Valentines Day with his wife and trying to woo her. Watch his hilarious attempts and her indifference, as they grapple with each other.
This 20 minute short tries to shed light on the beauty and charm of an arranged marriage, a concept every indian is intrigued by but very few understand.
Do they really work? What makes two strangers turn into life partners? Is it really that simple, or really that complicated?
‘Lovey Dovey’ is the sweet answer to the alternative style of romance, the one that begins.