By now, most people have celebrated and shared Penn Masala’s India tour announcement on social media. We know we have. It’s time for step two: booking tickets. You can’t afford to miss these shows because you were lazy, or waiting for some jugaad.

Lucky for you, Getzkick’s got all the details.


Penn Masala will be in India from May 18 to May 29, and will be covering five cities – New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Hyderabad – in that duration. They’re in the country after three years, which is all the more reason to attend their shows because you don’t know when they’ll be back next.


New Delhi

When: Saturday, May 28, 9pm

Where: Farzi Cafe, Connaught Place

Tickets and details here and here.



When: Thursday, May 19, 7pm

Where: G. D. Birla Sabhagar

Tickets and details here.



When: Thursday May 26, 8pm

Where: TBC

Tickets and details here.

The details of the Mumbai and Hyderabad leg of the tour are still awaited, and we’ll update you with more information soon. That, and other tour related details, can be found on SeenIt here.

Here’s a bonus video, just because:

See you at the gig, guys!