Ajay Devgn through this poem titled ‘Accha hai’ inspires us to take off our coloured glasses and share some love with others. Be it our ageing parents, the tired delivery boy, the poor toy seller and so many people we meet in our daily lives, who at first seem very different from us but are actually looking for the same things as us; love and happiness.

Video Source:BeingIndian

Our lives are weaved around chaos and monotony. We’re all running in a busy world, hardly taking a break to look around, and soak ourselves in the beauty that lies in the simple joys of life.

We’ve forgotten how to smile at a stranger, the bliss of the mother’s lap and to generously tip the delivery boy who parcels your whims irrespective of season or time.

We’ve forgotten how to make efforts for someone we love, or to go an extra mile for them to bring a smile on their face.

In this fast-paced, mechanical life, we’ve forgotten how to live, laugh and love.

This video titled ‘Accha hai’ featuring Ajay Devgn throws light at the small acts of love and kindness we can contribute to, but chose not to because we all are stuck in the rat race of power, money, and fame.

The poem in the video has been penned by Vinod Sharma and performed by Ajay Devgn.