Pokemon-Go seems to be the new rage in town. Everyone is hooked on to it. But do you know the side-effects your innocent love for the game can have on your girlfriend? Watch this episode of Pyar Ka Punch to know what happens when Aseem gets hooked on and Tara finds out!

Some time ago greatest worries of ladies with respect to their accomplices would be if their men were dependent on medications, cigarettes, betting or ladies. Not saying that such concerns don’t hold their significance any longer yet there’s one all the more thing to stress over and that is the dependence of Pokemon Go. The scourge called Pokemon Go has spread far and wide and it can influence more than simply the increased reality piece of your life.

When this present man’s lady friends was practically very nearly saying a final farewell to him in view of his over-the-top affinity for chasing down Pokemons, he needed to think and react quickly and do anything to spare this connection. What he does is truly stunning and to know more, you should watch this video transferred by Shitty Ideas Trending.