In this little test, it’s important to remember the first thing that comes to your mind. Keep a hold of that image and try to discern the details, and get a pen and paper handy, just in case.

Getzkick’s warning: don’t take this test too seriously, it’s not an earnest psychological study. Still, it gives some good food for thought.

Think of a desert, as vast as you can imagine. There is a cube in this desert…

Describe the cube. How big is it? Where is it situated exactly — is it dug into the sand or standing on it, or perhaps floating above it? Is it moving? Is it solid or hollow? There are no correct answers to this question, just your own thoughts. Think a bit before going on to the next one — details are all-important.
So, now you’re in a desert and see a cube in front of you, but you also notice a ladder. Imagine it in your mind: what it’s made of, how long it is; whether it’s old or new, what its location is with respect to the cube, whether it’s above or below it.
Now imagine that there’s a horse in the desert. Describe it. The most important things are: how far is the horse from you and what is it doing? Which way is it moving, or is it? What does it look like?
Now try and imagine flowers in your desert. How many of them have you thought of? Where do they grow? Where are they situated compared to the horse, the cube, the ladder, and the sand?
And now the thunderstorm begins. Think of its details. What kind of storm is it? Is the wind strong or not? Is the storm far away or close to you? Does it affect the horse, the flowers, the cube or the ladder in any way?

Interpreting this test is easy

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The cube is your ego

The size of this cube is your own ’I’.

-If your cube is large, then the chances are you’re a confident person capable of being a good manager. If your cube is small, then you’re probably a shy and modest person. You’re quite timid and don’t really like being noticed at big parties.

-If you imagined that your cube dug into the ground or covered with sand, you’re rather meticulous and able to think every step ahead of you. If the cube is standing on the ground, then you’re a pragmatic person who knows exactly what you want from life. If the cube is spinning or moving, you think outside the box and are not always ready to agree with conventions and stereotypes. A cube that’s hanging in the air indicates that you’re an artistic personality with great imagination.

-If your cube is hollow inside, then your inner world and attitude to life are still forming into their correct shape. If it’s solid, you’re a fully-formed individual who’s hard to manipulate.

The ladder is your friends

How you imagined your ladder may tell much about your close relatives and friends, and how you treat them.

-If the ladder touches the cube, you can solve your problems with the help of your friends, and you’re very open with them. If it’s detached from the cube, then you’re quite self-assured and prefer to stand on your own two feet.

-If your ladder is lower than the cube, then you’re an authority for your friends; if it’s on the same level, you treat your friends as your equals. When the ladder is taller than the cube, it means you depend on your friends’ opinions.

-A new ladder indicates that your friendship mostly consists of people you got to know relatively recently. If it’s old, your friends are largely those you’ve known for quite some time.

-Regarding the number of steps in the ladder, if there’s no more than 3-5 steps in it, you let only a few people into your circle. If there’s about a dozen steps there, you have just a few friends, but all of them are true, while others are no more than acquaintances. When the ladder has a lot of steps, it means you’re an open and really amicable person.

The horse is your partner

The look of your imaginary horse may say much about what you crave to see in your partner.

-Do you see a sturdy brown working horse? Then you want a dependable family partner who you can rely on. Did you visualise a beautiful and shiny Pegasus or a unicorn? It means you value outward gloss, and if you thought of some kind of imaginary creature, you’re likely dreaming about someone you’ll never have, or a celebrity.

-Does your horse rub its neck at the cube or nibbles at its corner? You and your beloved are probably very close and have warm relations.

-Is your horse far from the cube or going away from it? You may be not quite sure of your partner or think he or she is not completely honest with you.

The flowers are your kids

The number of flowers means how many children you would like to have or see by your side. Some interpretations say that the flowers symbolise your artistic ambitions.

-Some people visualise just one wilted daisy; others see a colorful, blooming garden that covers both the cube and the desert itself (be careful not to let your kiddies feed on you).

-The color and vitality of your flowers may tell you something about your kids’ health and prosperity.

-The location of the flowers — in relation to the cube in particular — will show you interesting details of your relations with your children from a new perspective.

The storm is your fears

A thunderstorm symbolises threat and your anxiety about yourself and your surroundings. It indicates the current state of your mind and how you perceive the probability of risk in your life.

-If the storm is far away, somewhere on the horizon, then you have little to no trouble, and this achievement is yours alone.

-If it’s close to the cube but not affecting it, you’re able to confront the difficulties you face and easily defeat them.
-If you imagined yourself in the heart of the storm, and the elements damaged the cube, the ladder, and the flowers, then your troubles are overwhelming you right now. In such times it’s important to remember that, given your character, you’re able to overcome everything with ease.

Whatever your results, remember to take them lightly and treat the test like the game that it is.

Adapted from: psi-technology
Photo credit: Seleznov Oleksandr/