Once, the Devil wished to boast of his powers before his subjects, and laid out all the tools of his infernal trade for them to see. He carefully explained what each of his instruments was, so that all would comprehend his methods, and forever remember their consequences.

What an arsenal he had! Here was the glittering dagger of Envy, there the hammer of Anger, and the insidious trap of Greed. He lovingly laid out his instruments of Fear, of Pride and Hatred. And they evoked awe among all the inhabitants of Hell.

Finally, the Devil produced a small, unimpressive looking blade. He proudly declared this to be Unhappiness. It was worth more, he explained, than all of his other tools put together:

’This is the only instrument in my collection which I can be sure will work if all else fails. When I drive this into a man’s heart, it makes him vulnerable to all the other tools in my arsenal…’