saree is the best outfit a woman can wear.. Imdeed saree  is one of the oldest garment from the past,not only it makes your look sensuous ,glamorous.whether while dressing up for an occasion or to put up an impressive expression,saree is best go to grab.when all the girls all over the world stare at huge closet on dresses trying and failing miserably to pick a unique outfit for the night, indian girls have an easy way out to wear a saree. Trust me a women in saree is unbeatable:she commands respect,attention, and she stands out! Saree is one of the oldest known items of clothing that is still in use. From the time of vedas to this 21 century saree is never out dated n prefered by most indian woman,not indian but now foreigners has also started trend of wearing saree..though many indian people,both those living in india and those live in other countries,have adopted western dressee but it is very common to wear saree in important ceremonies,such as wedding n sometimes ethnicity is good to wear,its reflects your culture,traditions and values.   10 reasons why u saree is best outfit..

#1 it suits every freaking body type thats out there- the only thought you’d while wearing a saree is dont i jst look gorgeous! Saree is the only outfit that totally changes anyone look from classy to cultural.



#2 it is easy to wear because it doesn’t have too many parts- agreed it is long and a bit complicates but once you get a hang of it,its the wouldnot get confused about which part goes where.



#3 you can style it the way you want-go super sexy or super-cute or both.saree adds an extra layer of confidence in you always its up to you how to make that stuff a bit sensuous or bit cultural look but anyways it gives perfectness to your look.



#4 Not to mention the fact that there is no proper age for wearing a saree whether you wore it at teenage or your 60s,it always added more to your looks.



#5 It accentures your body without giving you the discomfort of a body hugging dress or skinny jeans.



#6 you will always have way too many options to choose from pakistani to banarasi silk to chiffon..u just have many choices with you choose which suits you best.



#7 lets just admit it,saree class! Even celebs from outside india admit it. There is a reason why even hollywood celebs go for this tradition indian attire,right?



#8 Its that one outfit with the perfect balance of sexy n elegant! Who’d want to resist that its a perfect combination of sexy n elegancy.



#9 Not only this saree is perfect to flaunt your sexy curves with saree comes the bollywood diva feeling- rains,shy smiles and first love the whole package!



#10 Not only this having a fight with your boyfriend? Let him see you in saree make him fall for you all over gain! I can guarantee that.



So saree never goes out of fashion so give a place in your wardrobe new collection of sarees with varities of design,styles.saree makes you perfect as a whole its perfect for every body kind and gives you a perfect look for that special night.

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