Great horror flicks are the most looked for after property on the web at this moment. What’s more, those of you horror addicts who are worn out on observing gravely shot frightfulness appears, here is something which will get you snared genuine pleasant. Trust it or not, YouTube is covered with some awesome short blood and guts films. Some violent, some ruthless and some of them out and out unnerving, these short blood and guts films will make you bounce, shout and stow away with suspicion in your bed.

1. Khauff

Source : Youtube

A grieving young widow struggles with night jitters as she battles her fear that someone or something may be hiding in the dark apartment with her.

2. Public Toilet

Source : Youtube

In a filthy public toilet, three friends finds a mobile no. written on the wall. Drunk and feeling high, one of them calls up and finds a sensuous female on the other side. A hot chat session starts and very soon the friends realises that their lives are in great danger now..

3. Being

Source : Youtube

Nazneen invites a violent entity into her life by drinking from a stream. She begins to lose herself. A slow decay of her mind is what follows.

4. Raah

Source : Youtube

A man gives a pretty woman a lift but it turns into a nightmare.

5. Black Lemon

Source : Youtube

An Indian urban legend says that a sorcerer exorcises an evil spirit from a human and confines it into a lemon. The lemon is then placed on a road intersection. The superstition says anyone touching the lemon or even simply crossing over it will free the evil spirit, inviting it into his/her body.

6. The Caller

Source : Youtube

Some one is calling Karan. Who’s he? Does Karan know him? Why is he calling him?

7. Daydreaming

Source : Youtube

A group of friends mocked an old women on a picnic. Tormented by the insult, the lady suicides but her ghost come back to settle the account.

8. Paroksh

Source : Youtube

We fear what we cannot see. Watch PAROKSH, the first short film from #DrishyamShorts. Starring Amit Sial, Pooja Upasana and Yateen Karyekar.

9. HI

Source : Youtube

A solitary lady begins seeing things. Is it true that they are just merely hallucinations? Or, on the other hand, is there more to the evil looking devil than meets the eye?