Though Bollywood is obsessed with big-ticket movie stars, it won’t not be right to state that a portion of the best Hindi movies highlight performing artists who aren’t the most prominent ones around. Since such movies don’t have a substantial obligation star-cast to attract the group, such movies need to depend absolutely on incredible substance to make a stamp. Gratefully, there’s a huge area of the gathering of people that will watch an extraordinary film regardless of the possibility that it doesn’t have any Khan or Kapoor.

The plot of the movie centers bases on the capturing of the little girl of the family which at that point brings out concealed insider facts and ulterior intentions of each other part. What’s more, based on the trailer, it would appear that a holding watch that’ll both amazement and stun!

This highly-talked about film that won major curiosity with its teaser stars Pankaj Tripathi, Akshay Oberoi, Ragini Khanna and Aamir Bashir among others. Set in Gurgaon, as the title suggests, it’s a gripping tale of the underbelly of a city that houses a lot of crime amidst all the fancy buildings and swanky malls.

The film releases on August 4.