A talented Russian photographer, Andy Prokh, created a photo project about the friendship of little Katya and her cat, Tom. They began as a duo, but after the project started, they soon welcomed a little Scottish kitty into their circle, and their life became even more interesting!

We are the champions!

Summer’s coming!

The chess school.


Playing with dolls.

Five o’clock.

Robin Hood.

They won’t catch us

Let’s try to solve it.

The game.

A philosopher.

On the way.

The bodyguard.

The Golden Ratio.

Hey, wake up!

Gray Cats vs. Angry Birds.

Looking at the light.

A window on the courtyard.


Late evening.

Perelman’s ’Physics for Entertainment’.

A fairytale with the happy ending.

The thinkers.


The players.

The dreamers.

The visionary.