The triangle of love is all consuming and complex because we hurt those who love us and love those who only hurt us what a pity!

Falling in love can never be controlled because it requires no reason and logic but staying in love forever needs the efforts from both and if it doesn’t happen then you better work on your own to find yourself new and better opportunities.

here is a list of 9 ways to help you fall out of love when it doesn’t work anymore.

1.Activate hibernation mode

Stay alone and enjoy your own company because  nobody else can understand what goes inside you.

2.Explore yourself

It’s time to give all the  attention and affection to none but yourself  but nobody will be with you always except for you and only you can keep yourself happy forever.

3.Explore New people

There’s never a dearth for company if you really try for it and mind you not everyone is same. This reminds me of a dialogue by Shahrukh khan from Dear Zindagi  that just like we keep trying for a comfortable chair we must try out for people too.

4.Love=Attachment ; Lust=Detachment

If it’s love it  automatically means attachment but in case of lust detachment will crop up after some time once you get used to it or bored from it.

5. Time is the best healer

The only medicine effective for every wound is Time ; it heals everyone and everything.

6.Stop Obsessing

Though it’s difficult when someone becomes your habit but you can’t hold them for long if they don’t want the same; the best is to stop checking them over and over again on social media because out of sight out of mind works well .

7.Raise a hobby

There are many things we want to do but in our daily life we neglect them due to lack of time but it’s now or never because this is the most appropriate time to channelize your energy in a positive direction.

8.Provide proper outlet for feelings

A burden of feelings makes you frustrated so it’s better to let them flow from time to time by exercise, weaving them into words so that you get relaxed .

9.Delve into Independence

It’s the chuuta sand wala time as saif ali khan calls it in love aajkal so enjoy your freedom to the fullest when nobody has no rights and restrictions on you and you can be all by you.