Love is a special feeling and it becomes more special if you have a perfect person by your side from whom you need nothing to hide.

Here is a list of 9 things girls should never hide from their boyfriends.

1. Dreams and desires

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Girls should have courage to share her dreams and desires with her boyfriend because in a relationship the aspirations and demands of both are equally important.

2. Past

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No matter how bitter or sweet it was your boyfriend will always want to know how has it affected you. Sharing your past builds an unshakable trust in the relationship which contributes  towards its happy survival.

3. Vulnerabilities

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Each individual has both strengths and weakness and their is no harm in accepting it rather it is beneficial to tell your vulnerabilities to your boyfriend so that he can protect you in difficult situations which may become harmful or embarrassing  for you otherwise.

4. Feelings

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Hiding your true feelings about your boyfriend may spoil the fun of your relationship because you will not be able to enjoy it completely while keeping your partner in confusion.

5. Natural beauty

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No doubt every girl wants to look beautiful even if it requires make up but the fact is that make up is temporary and doesn’t last long so it’s a wise  choice to flaunt your natural beauty in front of your boyfriend.

6. Obsessions

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Sharing your obsessions and preferences in terms of food, clothing, habits will keep your relationship more balanced as both partners will appreciate and accept each other’s choice.

7. Financial status

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Financial stability is a major determinant of a relationship therefore girls must be disclose it to  their boyfriend to make a stable relationship  that will remain unaffected by the matters of money.

8.  Real views about his attitude

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Every guy wants a loving girl friend but they also except their girlfriends to be truthful and honest about them therefore girls must not be explicit in giving views regarding the flaws and faults of their boyfriend.

9. Friends and outings

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Girls should always be truthful and confident regarding her friends of opposite gender and her outings with them because hiding them  from her boyfriend can cause troubles in her relationship.