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10 signs that show you are a nerd

Who are nerds?…..We all have that one GEEK in our group or in our class who loves to get engrossed in books. The geeks are always found with the books in their hands and big round framed spectacles on their eyes. Most of their time is spend in the libraries unlike others, who bunk their classes and pass time in the cafeteria. They can be easily spotted due to their nerdy habits.
Here are some signs that show you are an actual nerd::

1. You prefer studying over gossip.


Nerds are generally so engrossed in their studies that they don’t have any propensities towards chit chat.

2. You remember dictionary by heart.


You have gone over the complete dictionary for thousands of time that you remember each and every word with its meaning.

3. A party atmosphere is not your niche.


You don’t find parties as your cup of tea. You would rather prefer staying at home.

4. You are boastful about your intellect.


Due to the superior knowledge you have gained through the years, you become a bit boastful about it.

5. You hold a sense of pride in being the topper of the class.


It is always you who tops the class.

6. Books are your only love.


The one and only thing that appeals you are your books.

7. People know you by not by your name but by your marks.


You have gained popularity in your school because of your highest marks.

8. You have pet names like wikipedia.


You are famous all around due to your high intellect that you are called out by names like wikipedia.

9. Social media is not your cup of tea.


You operate internet just to use google or wikipedia.

10. For you internet is to use google or wikipedia.


You only use internet for gaining more information about your subjects.

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