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9 Reasons Why You Are Single And Rocking It

“Whatttttt????? *Shocked* Are you kidding me?” It is mostly the first expression one ask when you tell that you are single. I mean it’s not a crime to be single. Although the number of single people alive is very low, it has it’s charm to be unique.

Are you one of those single charmers and loving your independence? 10 reasons you simply rock. Check it out.



Man this means the world to you. You feel like you have finally attained nirvana.
Your phone balance and sms are always topped up and why not you don’ t have to make those calls religiously anymore.

#2.Night outs are so free now:


You feel free that you don’t have a watch guard over your night lives.

#3.Flirting is now your new hobby:


You definitely should go ahead with this inborn art of yours after all you are a free bird.

#4.By hearting the dates of a calendar :


Remembering valentine’s day, birthdays, anniversaries in fact the entire calendar for that matter is far more difficult than your history book.



You have started shining in your career. You feel like your relationship was a curse which just passed away.

#6.Nights are longer.


No!No! do not take me wrong. You can sleep for more than 9 hours now peacefully, without any drama, without any pain 😉

#7.Your new profession:


You are a professional councellor now to your commited friends and give them advices why they should also quit their relationship.

#8.Facebook dp:


Your favorite sentence now is “Abb toh direct shadi ki hi photo lagayenge fb pe”.

#9.And you simply “ROCK”:


Your friends look at you and wish to date you but you go like,” Got the guts to handle this hottie ?“

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