We hear a lot of lies what guys tell to their girls but girls are no “sati savitri”. They lie, let’s see what are the most common lies what girls tell: –

1.“ I’m not mad at you.”

I m not mad at you


Ya, we lie. We easily get mad and make you mad till you figure it out that we were mad first.

2. “ I’m not ready for a boyfriend right now”

I m not ready for a boyfriend right now


She is just keeping in you in the line. She is exploring her options .

3. Relationship status

Relationship status


Ya, we hide our status. I don’t know why

4. “No he is my friend. He is not interested in me”

No he is my friend  He is not interested in me


ya I know he has a crush on me. But he is a good friend I don’t wanna loose him.

5. “I have never done this/ been here”

I have never done this been here


eeee, I don’t want to share the experience.

6. “I promise, I won’t get mad”

I promise I wont get mad1


trap, trap, trap. I will get mad.

7. “ Looks doesn’t matter”

Looks doesnt matter


I am talking to you because you look good.

8. “ I’ ll be ready in 10”

I ll be ready in 10


10=30=60 mins. I can’t say but 10 is not 10 for sure.

9. “ I don’t know”

I dont know


I am pretending not to understand but I really do.