Sex is all about boosted intimacy. A steamy intercourse is everyone’s desire. Women are very much demanding in bed. Sex should be perfect. And perfection isn’t a myth when we talk about sex. It is noticed that many men fail to satisfy a lady in bed. The way to women’s soul and body is good sex. A man does many mistakes when it comes to making his woman happy. These are the most common mistakes you guys make:

Shorter Foreplays

If you want that the lady in your lap should reach to the highest orgasm level, then you must give her the best foreplay she ever received. Women takes more time to get charged up as compared to men. Longer foreplay is not only her desire but her need.

You Are Wrongly Using Your Hands

Using hands on her body is an art. You must become a master of it and try to know more about, the Nubbing techniques. Most of the men end up hurting our labias. You must know how to hold her properly.

Using Your Phone In between

When you are in bed, your total attention should be on her. It’s annoying for a women to see you busy in something else. At that point of time, she doesn’t want to share you with anything or anyone. So, whenever you are with her in bed just forget about your Gadgets for a while and let her be your subject for a while.

You Always Want To Do It In Your Way

Men always want to try their favourite position in bed. They pay less attention to what, their lady wants. I as a women, have several fantasies and want to try the positions i like. Sometimes you must let her take the charge of the next step.

You Expect Long Fellatio

There are very less women who likes to give blowjobs. And if she agrees to do so then you must not force her to give longer fellatio because it’s very ungentle and rude of you.

Less Cuddling

Women are on sesitive side and they need to feel more love and attached especially in the bed. If you give less attention on cuddling part and just think about entering her throughout, then the intercourse will become more mechanic and may sound like a porn show to her. Which is very unnatural.

Men Discuss About Work While Fucking

Sex time is the fun time. So, it will irriating for her if you talk about work at that time. It is an hinderance in love-making. When i am exited for whats coming next for me and my boyfriend would start talking about his day at work. Then i get super annoyed and just want to run out of the room.

Streaming A Porn That She Doen’t Like

I personally love to see a porn but my boyfriend thinks that i have no interest in what’s going on the screen and plays his favourite porns, which are way too horrible. Boys please give little attention to what we like.

Praise Her

When we wear a hot lingrie all what we want is to get praised. We don’t wear that for ouselves, its for you only. That sexy dress is to bring steamy qoutient in the room.