Bangels is Not just an Ornament, but a symbol of being a woman blessed with a full and happy family. When an Indian woman gets married, it is the bangles that first adorn her. It marks her transition from a naive girl to a responsible woman.

Take a look at some of the gorgeous bangles worn by real Indian brides.

Maharashtrian bride

She pairs the green bangles with gold kadaas.

Sikh bride

These red and white bangles are an eminent part of the Sikh tradition. This pretty bride is on cloud nine seeing how beautiful her chooda looks

Gujarati bride

They wear a beautiful combination of White, green, gold, red and beautiful work bangles

Malayali bride

Malayali brides wear such beautiful gold kadaas on their wedding day.

Karnataka/Telangana bride

The glass bangles are generally dark and paired with gold ones

Marwadi bride

The bangle set is a mix of stones, pearls, colours and a lot of bling. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of that

Rajasthani bride

The bangles have leheriya work and are made up of laakh.

Tamil bride

Their beautiful wedding bangles set is a combination of colourful bangles paired with the gold ones.

Bengali bride

Bengali brides wear coral and shell bangles known as Shakha Paula