Sleeping is an activity enjoyed by 99% of the people, and well those 1% probably haven’t felt what a good sleep is like. There are so many ways to make you fall asleep better, but did you know that sleeping naked would be healthier? Probably not. So, remember to remove your Superman pajamas before you go sleep, as it is not only sexier, but also healthier.

1. It balances your melatonin and growth hormone.

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Sleeping without your clothes on helps to keep your body cool and hence increases the melatonin and growth hormone levels which help to prevent aging and keeps you young.

2. It regulates your cortisol levels.

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High cortisol level increases anxiety, body weight and cravings for junk food. Going commando while sleeping brings down your body temperature and hence keeps the cortisol level in the optimum range.

3. Skin gets better

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You are giving your body a chance to breathe as you sleep in naked. This reduces the risk of skin diseases like athlete’s foot.

4. It makes you happier

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Just imagine sleeping without the layers bounding your body and restricting the air to touch your skin. Women, you won’t feel the digging of your bra, but you’ll be just sleeping between the clean and soft sheets. Of course, this is going to make anyone happy.

5. You will be cleaner

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When was the last time you had washed your pajamas? Of course you’ll need to wash your sheets more often now, but research has shown that sleeping naked makes your cleaner.

6. Helps you lose weight

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How many times have you imagined to slip in your pajamas and sleep? Studies have shown that sleeping in pajamas makes you lazier which in turn increases your weight.

7. Proper air circulation

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It gives each and every part of your body a chance to get fresh air. The proper air circulation makes you cleaner and healthier.

8. Healthier sperm count

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Heat can cause havoc on your sperm count. Just like you shouldn’t strap down your junk in little warm tighty-whities, you shouldn’t restrict your junk to the pajamas for a healthier sperm count.

9. More cuddling and sex.

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The skin to skin contact makes your feel better and helps you to get a glow on your skin. The cuddling releases oxytocin which keeps you happy. And of course the sex does the same for you.

So tonight strip down to your birthday suit and snuggle under your sheets. Just remember to keep the windows closed to keep the peeping Tom away.