You’re accustomed to seeing Disney princesses in lovely dresses in fairylands far away. Nonetheless, on account of Astor Alexander, an independent artist and illustrator from San Diego, Califonia, you are going to discover that these fictional women look magnificent in a totally unique setting, too.

“Noir Princesses” is a great illustration series with clear as crystal title. It features Disney princesses as badass noir characters. It’s a “stylish” crime type, underlining skeptical states of mind and sexual inspirations. Noir fiction heroes are typically self-destructive, managing a corrupt legal, political or other frameworks. Their stories frequently lead to lose-lose situations, as well.
Astor has splendidly captured the style and atmosphere of the genre while protecting the particular identities of the princesses. Let’s have a look.

#1 “Miss White & The Unlawful Seven”

#2 “Beast Hunter”

#3 “Shadows Of New Orleans”

#4 “The Goddaughter”

#5 “Pocahontas Private Eye”

#6 “The Lady From Henan”

#7 “The Arabian Heist”

#8 “The Long Sleep”

#9 “High Sea Robbery”