Whenever you go to a supermarket, you find organic produce beside the conventional products. Or in some places, there are exclusive organic shops where you can a throng of people buying them. So, why is the word organic gained so much importance and popularity? Why do people are inclining towards buying them instead of conventional products? What are the differences between conventional and organic products? You will know the answers to all of these. But let’s discuss what exactly organic food is


When the vegetables, fruits, and meat are produced without using any kind of harmful pesticides, fertilizers, etc., then it’s called organic food. Any kind of chemical preservatives or any artificial substances is not added while growing these crops.

When you eat organic produce, you are not taking any kind of harmful substances into your body. It means that your body won’t be subjected to unnecessary reactions and you remain healthy. It’s the reason people research how they can swap to organic completely to get its full benefits.

Let’s discuss the benefits of consuming only organic food:

  • Improved overall health

The food produced organically is free from any kind of chemical substance that is used while growing non-organic produce. When you consume non-organic food, your body slowly accumulates harmful products that become dangerous in the future.

On the other hand, with organic food, you don’t see any of this happening as you fully eat what should be eaten and your body won’t be subjected to too many foreign substances. So, in the long run, organic food does well for your body as it improves your overall health.

  • Increased number of antioxidants

Antioxidants are present in almost all kinds of food. In non-organic produce, the potential of these anti-oxidants is decreased as the chemical substances present in the food react with vitamins, minerals, and other good nutrients present in the food. The overall quality and quantity is decreased in non-organic products, and when you have this food, you get only a limited number of anti-oxidants.

But in organic products, as these are grown without using any fertilizers and pesticides, the number of anti-oxidants is retained. When you eat such organic products, you get a full set of vitamins, nutrients, and other good substances present in the organic food.

  • Resistance to antibiotics

We all need antibiotics to fight off germs and viruses. However, too many antibiotics can lead to significant side effects that sometimes may become dangerous. In non-organic products, especially meat and livestock, animals are injected with various vaccines and antibiotics to fight off germs. When you consume the meat from these injected animals, you are indirectly increasing the number of antibiotics in your body. It affects your immune systems as these antibiotics sometimes fight with good substances in your body. It decreases the efficiency of your immune system.

But with organic produce, you don’t face any of these scenarios. Your body works how it should without the external food products altering it. For the betterment, you can have organic and natural drinks that can magic to your immune system by increasing its efficiency.

  • Organic tastes better

If the health reasons don’t appeal to you, then think of the taste of organic food and how you can easily say that it’s better than non-organic products after tasting it.

Organic products are given sufficient time to grow and mature. You don’t see this in non-organic produce as they are made to mature by injecting growth hormones. As don’t naturally develop, the taste also gets affectedand is not enhanced to its best as it will in organic products. So, if you like to have food that tastes better, then go for organic.

  • Can have a cut on pesticide consumption

Eating food that contains too many pesticides will lead to many diseases such as cancers, improper digestion, headaches, birth defects, and premature birth. On the other hand, as organic produce doesn’t contain harmful substances, you can have a cut pesticide consumption. A cut because not all products you consume can be organic. But choosing to have main food like vegetables and fruits and meat will do a lot more good to you.

  • The immune system becomes stronger

We’ve already discussed how organic produce doesn’t contain too many antibiotics thus improving your immune system. Non-organic products are produced using artificial methods and growth hormones to meet the needs of the growing population. However, consuming such food will lead to a great decline in immunity strength in future.

So, to have an efficient immune system all throughout your life, then start having organic food as early as possible.

  • Safe to environment

When chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides are sprayed on crops, the droplets are absorbed into the ground, making the soil unhealthy and unfit for crop rotation. The soil’s efficiency is lost and you cannot grow another rotation of crops with the same quality.

In organic produce, there is no harm at all to the environment as farmers don’t use any artificial substances. You can have safe food while causing no harm to the environment. So, organic products are better for you, farmers, and the environment. 

  • Can stay away from food-borne diseases

When you consume organic products, you can say goodbye to food-borne diseases such as indigestion, typhoid, etc. As all the organic products are natural and well-grown, your body can easily digest the food without having any negative reactions. It’s particularly helpful when you consume meat as you won’t be subjected to diseases such as bird flu, etc. because chicken and hens are grown naturally without any medicines given to them.

Choose only natural and organic beverages

Not only food, but you can also concentrate on organic beverages like tea. You can have cups of organic tea that’s grown using natural processes. Read here the benefits of black and green tea made from organic tea leaves. You will learn how it’s best for your health and you’re doing well for your body by not subjecting it to many external and harmful ingredients.

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Hi, I am Olivia Robinson, a writer, and blogger by profession. As I’m a wanderer, I share my experiences through my write-ups in a way that it’s understandable and appealing to people. I aim to achieve a difference through my writing, which allows my readers to make informed and valuable choices.

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