Being a priority  means to be on top of everything for someone and it is a dream for each individual who is in a relationship but it is not the case often that it rains when we feel the need  to get drenched similarly you might not be a priority for your partner but rather an option for back up.

Here is list of 8 signs that will help you to get sure of your position as a priority or an option.

1.No initiatives taken

If your partner takes no initiative to meet you, to plan dates or even talk to you then that’s maybe because you are still not his priority list.

2. They Lie a lot

Your partner may not tell you the truth because he does not feel the need to do it and also it can be the reason that he does not trust you with his secrets.

3.Seems Disinterested in you and your life

Even though your partner does not share his secrets you are still willing to share every minute detail of life with them but they are genuinely not interested neither in you nor in your life because you are not that important to them.

4.Never on time

Time is money and this is applicable for all everyone irrespective of any bias and if this is what your partner fails to understand then it’s a sure sign of you not being their priority.

5. You always find yourself defending your partner

This is the state that gives you reassurance of all is well but unfortunately it’s not because its only you who is trying to overlook the shortcomings of your partner because you want to keep the relation alive.

6. Their replies are just the reason of their needs and wants

You may never get a quick reply from anyone but taking forever to reply or replying only when you need something is not right it simply states that you are just meant to be used.

7.Ghost habits

Suddenly appearing according to their mood and then becoming invisible to your needs and demands means nothing else but this that they are ghosting you and you are just not their priority.

8.You have to Nag them

Though you don’t like doing it but you have to do it always to get things done out of them because they are not done voluntarily.