Because sach hmesha kadva hota hai. 8 lies you will definitely relate to: –

1. “Nai jaan, main usse nai dekh raha tha”

Nai jaan main usse nai dekh raha tha


I don’t understand why do guys hide the fact that they were check out other girls.

2. “Nai, main ciggrette nai peeta”

Nai main ciggrette nai peeta

If he is coming with a chewing gum, he smokes.

3. “I haven’t slept with that many people”

I haven t slept with that many people


There is no right answer to how many girls have you slept with? Whatever number he is giving try multiplying it by 3 or 4 or 10.

4. “ I just fantasize you”

I just fantasize you


lie! Please give me a break

5. “I love cuddling with you”

I love cuddling with you


No, he doesn’t like to cuddle all night.

6. “We will talk about this later”

We will talk about this later


No, he doesn’t wanna talk about it and he is not gonna talk about it.

7. “Sorry, I was caught up with work, couldn’t pick the call”

Sorry I was caught up with work couldnt pick the call


Ah! The classic

8. “I never lie to you.”

I never lie to you.


If you believe this, you are the stupidest person.