In the world categorized between feminism and masculinity being not so girlish or not completely boyish is a little absurd at times. However, in the present era choosing to live a tomboyish life is not far fetched along with the criticism that is bestowed on an individual. So, we have listed a few struggles of being a tom boy girl:-

1. Everyone gives you make-up advice-

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Make-up is just not you thing but everyone fails to understand that and rather thinks that you don’t know how to do make-up and always keep dropping advices on how you can perfect your skills in make-up.

2. You dress up *World Explodes*-

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You rarely dress up in those one piece dresses with high heels and make-up but the day you decide to do so, it’s a shock to everyone and you receive compliments like ‘you look like a girl today’ instead of ‘Wow! you look pretty’ .

3. You have a huge number of guy friends-

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You are simply more comfortable befriending a guy than a girl and thus people misunderstand you all the time and call you names.

4. Heels?. No, thank you-

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Heels are just not your thing. You are more into sneakers and high-tops and you simply fail to understand how girls can walk around in heels so casually while you have to take five walking lessons, two sacrifices to Satan and you still walk like a penguin in them.

5. You actually really like sports-

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While other girls are busy discussing how good their nails look, you sit and bite them off in anxiety of if your favourite team is going to win the match or not.

6. Never getting asked out on dates-

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All the guys consider you “one of them” so it’s a rare moment for you when you are asked out on a date.

7. People question your gender-

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People think you are a trans or gender fluid just because you don’t wear girly clothes.

8. Pink is not your favourite colour-

People just assume that since you are a girl your favourite colour is pink but the truth is you are into blue, purple and such.

Could you relate to these struggles?. What other struggles do you face?. Let’s us know in the comments!.