Documentaries are often more powerful than other types of films simply because they show the sides of life that many people would not be able to experience otherwise. Whether this involves a glimpse at the life of an unhealthy adult or traveling with a flock of animals, documentaries have the potential to change your life.

The following documentaries vary in genre and style, but they all have messages that will have an impact on your life.

1. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (2010)

By trying a juicy diet, Joe Cross is able to experience a new perspective on life while making the cross-country journey across America.

2. May I Be Frank? (2010)

Frank’s choice to cut out all toxins and go completely vegan is inspiring for anyone who wants to have a healthier life, both mentally and physically.

3. Simply Raw (2009)

This documentary shows the impact a raw diet can have on anyone, especially a group of diabetics who go raw for 30 days.

4. Food Fight (2004)

Why are there so many packaged foods? And why is junk food cheaper than health foods?

5. Supersize Me (2004)

Though this documentary has been called out for exaggerating the effects of McDonald’s food, it is eye-opening to see how a diet consisting solely of fast food can impact your health.

6. Sicko (2007)

Michael Moore’s documentary sheds light on the American health care system and points out the issues that many people who just want to be healthy face every day.

7. The Thin Blue Line (1988)

This documentary literally freed a man from prison. Errol Morris’ dedication to discovering the truth behind the Randall Adams’ case led to the reopening of a murder case.

8. The Act of Killing (2013)

Focusing on the Indonesian Killings of 1965­–1966, this documentary can be difficult to watch. It confronts the terrible fact that the government contains many of the people involved in the genocide many years ago.

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