• What’s the best way to make a slideshow? 
  • Why would you construct a Boomerang in the first place? 
  • What are Instagram stories, and how do you use them?

Instagram is always changing and evolving and if you have these questions on your mind, you are not alone. 

As a result, you’ll need to reinvent yourself on a regular basis. 

Instagram’s new features allow for a lot of creativity and originality, and they’ve reintroduced the platform to rival social media behemoths like Snapchat.

Many Instagram users are finding it difficult to adjust after years of simply uploading a single photo at a time. 

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1: Use Visual Chaining

When you keep scrolling through Insta Profiles, some of them appear to be impossible to achieve. 

You might want to attempt something called a visual chain if you wish your entire Instagram profile to reflect a certain aesthetic or theme. 

This method requires you to lay your images out in greater detail than usual, but the result is well worth the extra effort.

Consider how your new photo will seem next to your prior one, as well as the three preceding it. Visual chains allow you to be more creative with the overall appearance of your profile.

2: Create Boomerangs

At first sight, boomerangs may appear silly, but a well-crafted loop can entice people to your post. 

Boomerangs with a defined beginning and end look great when rewound are the best. 

The Boomerang feature can be accessed by installing the Boomerang app.

You may also make a Boomerang without downloading the program by pressing the camera icon to contribute to your Story.

3: Add Drawings And Stickers

In December 2016, Instagram added the stickers and sketches function. 

This tool may appear gimmicky at first, but it can add a lot of excitement to your Stories without being stupid.

Add a thought bubble sticker with custom wording, for example. 

Alternatively, you can use the selfie sticker option. This allows you to add a sticker of your face to a photo of something else, which is helpful for adding visual commentary to a snapshot of something else.

4: Create A Theme

Consider giving your Instagram profile a constant theme if you want to build a strong following. 

It’s simple to separate your posts from your business or public profile on Instagram because it permits several accounts.

Followers are considerably more inclined to follow themed Instagrams since they know what to expect from the posts. 

With a well-curated profile, you can keep your Instagram feed consistent and maintain an attractive profile with little work.

5: Create Collages

You don’t necessarily have to build a slideshow if you want to include many images in a single post. Instead, you can use Instagram’s Layout tool for iOS or Android to make a collage. 

The layout allows you to create a collage with up to nine different images. 

After you’ve decided on the photos, you’ll need to decide on a layout. 

The program has a variety of grids to pick from, some with little boxes for your photos, others with large ones.

6: Be Part Of An Instagram Challenge

If you’re still having trouble using Instagram creatively, go back to the basics and look at the photographs and videos you’ve posted. 

Third-party IG editing applications can sometimes outperform Instagram’s built-in filters and commands.

You can also try an Instagram challenge if you have problems coming up with ideas. 

You can participate in challenges by following the hashtags used by people you admire, searching online, or creating your own! 

7: Post On Insta Live

Do you want to give your Instagram account a little more personality? 

Consider posting real-time videos on Instagram Live. 

Take the opportunity to Livestream a video of yourself doing something fascinating, or simply talk with your fans.

Users can leave comments on your Instagram Live video, which will display on the Livestream right away. This makes it simple to connect with your followers and respond to their inquiries.


You should definitely use all of the great Instagram posting options available to you. 

These inventive ideas can assist you in learning how to make your Instagram profile stand out.

So, if you need more details, we are here to help you.

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