Identifying a few personality traits is simple by observing the handwriting of person. Just the size of handwriting revels a lot about a person. The study of personality traits or character from handwriting is known as Graphology.

Here are 7 size variations that depicts personality traits of the person possessing those handwriting styles.

1. Small Size Writing:

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People who have a small size writing style are considered to be the intellectual and scholarly one. They poses keen sense of observation. These kind of people are born to live a well-to-do life. They are methodical and meticulous.

2. Medium / Average Sized Letters:

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People with Medium or average size writing style are well balanced. They have a healthy and positive mind-set. They have a leverage towards business work than service one. They tend to grasp things accurately even if not much educated.

3. Large Sized Letters:

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People who have a large size writing style are seen more as active and restless. They are big-hearted and self-reliant. They have a strong influencing power. They are very talkative in nature and focus on self-love. They succeed quite easily.

4. Very Large or Huge Lettering:

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People with very large or huge size writing style consider themselves as most important. They are not looking for failure or criticism so tend to succeed n their job quite easily.

5. Constant / Same Size of Letters:

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People who have a constant size or same size writing style are an indication of methodical minded person.

6. Decrease in Size of Letters:

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People with a handwriting that tends to decrease in size are cunning in nature.

7. Increase in Size of Letters:

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People who have a handwriting style that increases showcase their frankness nature.

These are the simplest 8 ways you can know a person just by observing his/her handwriting. What are you waiting for? Go check your friends writing style and see how aptly this study works.