Sleeping late has obtained quite a bad reputation. Early sleepers or larks as we call them are praised, whereas the night owls are often chastised. A lot of you may identify yourself as a nocturnal creature – people who are their best as the rest of the world sleeps. And luckily being a night owl isn’t that bad at all! There are many perks of being a late night person, especially today with amazing technology to support it!

Here are a few things that make every nighthawk really, really happy:

  1. High Speed WiFi

With the rest of the house snoring away soundly, it’s YOU who has the WiFi all to yourself. No interference at all!

  1. 24/7 Food Delivery

Is it even humanly possible to be awake at godly late hours without FOOD!? Nope, Never. *Food is bae*

  1. Midnight Cravings

Constant food orders gives way to midnight cravings and snacking. And you love every single moment of it. *Diet? Oh hell no!*

  1. The first sunrise

After a wonderful night of low light, watching as the bright sun emerges is truly a sight to behold.

  1. Peace and Quiet

You love the peace and hush that the night brings in.


  1. Late Night Long Drives

There is some ethereal beauty of the empty city roads that compels you to late night rides. There’s something soothing about sneaking out along with your other night owl friends and feeling the cold breeze in your hair as you zip around the city.

  1. Late mornings

What’s better than late nights? Knowing that you don’t have to wake up early the next morning! There’s no better feeling than this. It’s an absolute pleasure.