People tend to feel that love must be appeared with amazing, remarkable motions that the world can see. It’s arguable, however, that ‘true’ love exists in the little and apparently commonplace, yet hint minutes shared between two hearts. Auckland-based, Korean-conceived craftsman Lynn Choi is intensely mindful of this reality, and has created a couple of representations that splendidly catch those inspiring ‘ordinary’ encounters we as a whole offer with the ones we hold dear. Aren’t natively constructed flapjacks on an apathetic Sunday morning one hundred times superior to anything a favor supper out, at any rate?

Scroll down to see them all, and enjoy more of Choi’s work on her Instagram.

Waking up in the morning to find you making breakfast for me

Having you as my personal feeding assistant while working at home

Keeping me safe and warm, even when I have bad dreams

Keeping me entertained when it’s Saturday afternoon and there’s nothing else to do

Sharing takeout while catching up on our Netflix time

You somehow manage to make every activity a blast

Even waiting for the bus is a little more fun with you