Nothing LASTS FOREVER but we exclude Love from this list because we believe it to be eternal and immortal. Though love never dies it surely changes it’s forms with passage of time as love and fight are two sides of a same coin which are inseparable. With every fight your love becomes strong but it’s in case of fights ending following the rule to end them  – the  sooner the better works wonders.

So put aside your EGO and make up with your partner in these 7 romantic ways:

1.Lip lock

When words don’t work you let feelings take the floor. Along kiss is the best way to make up with your partner after the fight with bad words from mouth.

2. Sex saves

Making love to your partner after a fight can really resolve the matter in an uncomplicated manner than anything else and we all know the reason behind it since sex  is complimentary in love and it makes it not only strong but special too.

3. A tight hug

This one is my all time favorite and the simplest indeed because it involves no cash, no labor and most importantly is not considered so offensive by the stereotypical society than the first two options. Souse just simply run to your partner and hug them tight as much as you can till the time they don’t hug you back because A HUG THAT IS TIGHT SETS ALL THINGS TO RIGHT

4.A Facebook post

It’s 21st century and let’s be honest to admit the fact that we all are addicted to the social media in one way or another and it ain’t completely bad because it can help you too at times just as in this case because a Facebook post with a pretty picture with your partner describing your happy moments can work wonders when you are trying to melt your partner.

5. Sweet surprise

Well not everything works for all but you must not give up and plan a surprise for your partner that can be a gift or a date depending upon your taste and pocket.

6.Laughter therapy

Laughter is a remedy for all so just think of a nice joke or a funny video that you can share with your partner to make them smile again.


It’s the time you can dress up and for once become the way exactly as your partner dreams of you. It may include a particular dressing sense or a specific hair cut.