The Earth maybe your home planet but there are some places that you’ll never be allowed to see. So, here’s a list of  ‘The most secret and forbidden places you can NEVER visit’

1. Club 33 at Disneyworld

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A secret feature of Disneyparks, Club 33 has a 14-year long waiting list. And if you do get on the list, the club requires a $40,000 initiation fee. Plus, a $27,000 annual fee.

2. The Vatican Secret Archives (The Vatican City)-

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Barring the Pope and a few extremely learned scholars, nobody can enter the archive housing confidential (and possibly controversial) documents of the Catholic Church.

3. The Jiangsu National Security Education Museum (China)

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The Chinese are so secretive about their cloak-and-dagger ways of yore that no foreigner is allowed to enter this espionage museum that exhibits actual spy gadgets used by the Chinese.

4. The Queen’s bedroom

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The bedroom is buried within Buckingham palace and heavily guarded. In 1982, however, a man named Michael Fagan broke into the bedroom. It was considered one of the biggest royal security breaches.

5. Area 51, USA

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Area 51 is a secret US base deep in the Nevada desert. Its purpose remains unknown to the public. Some believe the area contains captured alien technology or highly experimental aircrafts. It’s restricted and surrounded by mines and defenses.

6. The vault of Coca Cola

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The secret formula behind the Coca Cola recipe is one of the most heavily guarded secrets. To protect it, the company has a high tech vault that holds the recipe. Only a handful of people actually know the formula.

7. Room 39, North Korea

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It has been suspected that this top secret location is behind North Korea’s illegal counterfeiting. It is said that things like drug smuggling and weapon sales, goes on here. However, very little is known about what happens within its perimeters.