Everyone is different, especially when it comes to relationships and everyone heals differently when they are left heartbroken. Sleepin with an ex is something many people do not admit to but that a lot of people have done. It is the kind of thing that most people are almost ashamed to admit. But this “hookup with an ex” thing is always s very very bad idea. Here are 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hook Up With Your Ex.

1.Drama ensues


We think we’re mature, we can hookup with them without any lingering emotions. But in most cases either of the two catches feelings for the other and the “hooking up” just serves to heat up the drama.

2.It Makes You Think of The Past


Living in the past is something that a lot of people dwell on and by backtracking your emotional progress it can do more harm than good. What is in the past is there for a reason, even if a lot of the time for us, it is hard to accept.

3.It makes you look desperate



People hate to say this, but hooking up with your ex can carry an element of power. It can be used as a weapon, in this case, of self-destruction. It makes you look more desperate in other way.

4.It gets weird!


After a couple days of awkward behavior, both members involve usually feel a little out of place and are not sure what to do next. There is a mixture of thoughts and emotions that tends to get weird.

5.He/She treated you like crap


If your ex lied, cheated, and was generally an unpleasant, cold human- don’t do it again. Once a jerk always a jerk, you know that. Leave them to shrivel up and die all alone.

6. Because it’s really a waste of time


We’re not going to lie; we get the appeal of humping your former flame. Getting back to your ex mught feel comfortable to you but still exciting, lingering emotions make things heatup in seconds. You both are not going to have a future, you’re aware of that. So go get someone with whom who can envision one with.

7. Someone Ends Up Getting Hurt


This is the biggest risk you take when sleeping with an ex. Ending a relationship hurts enough but re-opening the wound sometimes hurts even more. If you are going to sleep with an ex, a lot of the time it is better to close yourself off to any emotion.