You don’t need reasons to fall in love but  reasons always make your love fall out of place

7 vows can declare a couple married to each other and 7 reasons are enough for them to part ways too when their love falls apart.

Here are the reasons why our love fell apart.

1.Love vs Lust


While for me it was my love for you it wasn’t in your case for with me ever; It was only Lust that brought you closer to me and hence my body got your love while soul was deprived of it.



It had to be always my initiative or else it would never occur. You never bothered to talk or listen to my heart’s desires and miseries.

3.I got everything but nothing


Your time, love, care and concern all were showered according to your mood and convenience rather my needs and wants.

4.I am a butterfly not a caged bird


I am born free and i access my freedom in everything from my clothing ,food habits , watching movies to choosing my friends but you always wish to give me commands for anything and everything to keep in control but i hate restrictions and cannot bear them by anyone.My freedom is my first love and I shall love it till my last breath

5.Sexist and Conservative Attitude


It’s  2017 , 21st century and you still believe in orthodox myths, superstitions and adhere to sex roles and responsibilities defined in Ramayana and Mahabharata according to which women must be docile, submissive and obedient towards men and their needs but what about needs and desires of women?? Well , unfortunately they do exist in this world but sadly you are blind to this.

6.Neither Pride nor Priority


Being with you every time and for everything made me delighted but you never seemed happy to be with me . I made myself available for you before you even asked for it but what i always received in return was your denials and delays because of your engagements with other things and other people; never ever ,even for once I could feel my importance in your life probably because I was not a priority for you.

7.Completely different yet so similar


The law of science –

opposites attract each other and similar’s repel cannot define our state because we are very similar in nature and preferences but entirely different and contradictory in our thinking and perspectives and finally the dissimilarities become more valid for our love to fall apart.