Adopting a dog becomes a full-time responsibility. You are responsible for their health and happiness, and this task is not easy.  Your dogs’ holistic health and happiness depend on how you treat them and what you feed them. Treating your dog well and giving them all the love they deserve is the easier one out of the two. The tricky part comes when you need to feed your furry friend, but you have no clue what to feed them to ensure complete physical health. 

Hence, a healthy eating lifestyle and a balanced diet are crucial for your dog. You need to have a strict check on their health to know they are not suffering from any disease alone.

So, if you are new to dogs, this blog post is for you. Here you will find popular tips that will keep your dog fit.

Cut Down On The Treats

A few dog parents’ biggest mistake is to feed their dogs everything as treats. They think it is healthy if their dog eats often. However, others believe that they should treat their dogs to keep them happy. 

However, these perceptions do not work in favor of your dog. Giving your dogs more treats because they did not eat the food you served them, they deserve loads of treats, or it will make your dog happier working against the health of your pooch. 

You need to check the number of treats your dog is getting. This is important for their weight, specifically if a dog is obese. Train your dog to get treats only once or twice under particular circumstances and not otherwise. 

Tell your friends and family not to ruin them by readily giving out treats so the dog can behave nicely or eat more often. 

Calculate The Portion Size

This is the most crucial factor when taking care of your dog’s diet and health. First, you need to determine what your dog needs to eat and whatnot. You should also consider calculating the calories your dog needs to take each day to ensure fitness and avoid obesity. 

The portion size you serve also depends on what is in that bowl. For example, a serving full of fruits or vegetables will not encourage weight gain. However, heavy meals based on proteins or paired with dairy multiple times a day should be discouraged. These are healthy meals, but larger portion sizes or several servings per day are not recommended. 

On the other hand, the portion size also depends on the age and size of the dog. For example, large breed dogs like Great Danes will require more food than a Shih Tzu. Similarly, a puppy will not need a large portion size, but an adult dog will. 


Weaning Your Puppy And Feeding Your Adult Dogs

Weaning a dog means slowly shifting a 3 to a 4-week-old puppy from milk to food. By this age, a puppy starts to grow its teeth and is preparing to take solid foods. 

This process is slow and requires a dog parent to be cautious about their puppy’s new diet. When weaning your puppy off milk, you can only shift them to a soft diet. You can start them with porridge and later on switch to smaller-sized pieces of meat when they finally tolerate a soft diet.

Feeding an adult or senior dog on the flip side isn’t as challenging. First, however, you need to watch how much they are consuming each day and if the calories are enough for their age, size, and activity level. 

If you want a detailed answer to the diet your dog should have, then you can speak with a vet. 

Weigh Your Dogs Often

The best way to know if your furry companion is healthy and maintaining his weight is to check his weight often. 

Weighing your dog often means you will find the results of your hard work. However, suppose you are putting effort into giving your dog adequate calories. In that case, you also need to ensure your dog is fit. For this, you can weigh your dog weekly.

Here comes the question of how much your dog should weigh. Every dog is different and should not be scaled on the same level. If you want to know how much your dog weighs, you can speak with your vet.

Moreover, a rough idea is to ensure your dog is not too lean or not too heavy. You can analyze this by checking if your dog’s bones are poking too much against his skin or if multiple fat folds are found on his legs and abdomen. 

Either of these conditions is unhealthy. Your dog must have a dog body contour that seems healthy. 

Take Your Dogs For A Workout

Your dog’s activity level is as essential as his diet in determining his health. The more active your dog is, the fit he is. 

For this, you will have to encourage your dog to become more active than he is. You will notice that some breeds like Pomeranians are naturally more energetic and lively. However, most dogs tend to be lazy, especially obese. 

Hence, you must take your dog to a park, so they get out of the house and play with you or other dogs. You can play hide and seek, throw a frisbee, or go on a walk with them around the block. You will have to put this effort into ensuring your dog’s health. The good part is, you will also become physically more active. 

Avoid Some Human Foods

We tend to feed our dogs everything they like. It is common to feed our dogs food that we can eat too. But we need to make sure that our food does not harm them. There are several human foods that dogs can safely consume. At the same time, there are multiple human ingredients that dogs can’t tolerate, and such components may even prove to be lethal to them.

Chocolate and caffeine are widely known human foods that are dangerous for dogs to consume. Similarly, onions, garlic, and alcohol are just as dangerous. In addition to this, if a dog is lactose intolerant, dairy becomes forbidden for your dog. 

Train Your Dogs Into Eating Everything

Here comes the most challenging tip saved for the last. This is where dog parents need to put in the most effort. 

It gets more complicated when your dogs grow old with the same habits that spoiled them in their early stages. So, the earlier you control their eating habits, the easier it becomes for you. However, this is a long-term commitment requiring you to train your dog not to eat much and eat everything that serves them. 

You might see that dogs don’t like vegetables, but if your dog is trained right, he will eat everything because he will know he has no other choice left. 

Final Thoughts 

If you want your dog’s health, you will give your best in helping them live the best of their life and long with you. Remember that every strict step you need to take for your dog will be in their benefit even if it doesn’t feel like the right thing to do right now, but it will have positive effects later on. 

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