SINGLE is not a status it is an acronym for :


– Super awesome, 


– Intelligent,


– Naughty, 


– Generous, 


– Loving, 


– Extraordinary personality who are happy in life.

Here’s a list of 7 amazing things about Being Single.

1.You are your own Lord

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Being single you can do anything and everything you want to; be it eating, watching your favorite shows, catching new hobbies or simply flirting round because there is no one to judge you so you can be all you wish to be!

2.Work is Worship

When you are single your work is far more better because it does not suffer from your personal commitments which paves way for your successful and prosperous life ahead.


No shave no wax

The best part of your singularity is that you can be with all the hair on your body absolutely without shame instead of waiting to enjoy only no shave November or no waxing December  you can rejoice being hairy as long as you want.

4.Family First

Family is the first gift of our life but we tend to ignore it wit passage of time as our circle widens but not anymore because singles get all the love, care, support and strength from their families and they have the most happy families undoubtedly with equal reciprocation!


Sleep Soundly

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Sound sleep is not only a basic need but it can be a cure to stress and a hobby too for many people and those who are single experience the best of peaceful sleep with no anxiety, drama or excitement while engaged or committed people really crave for the same.


Finest Friendships

Being single you earn the best of friends who are the real asset to your life in each and every stage high or low and with whom you need nothing more because they  actually make your life complete.

7.Money Matters

Money is not everything but surely it is worth many things and that’s the greatest advantage of being single since all your hard earned money belongs to you and only you because you don’t have to spend it on any one else to please them.