If you ever ask me what romance looks like, I’d name Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Aren’t they truly our ‘couple goals’? They got married in the year 2012, and trust me, we’ve all seen them grow fonder of one another every day. Trickling in affection, they love speaking their heart out… telling everybody how profoundly, frantically and truly they’re in love.

Here are 7 charming statements by Ryan Reynolds that demonstrate why we’re so crazy about this couple.


I'm not one for vomiting declarations of sentiment out across the airwaves, but when we had that baby, I fell more in love with my wife than I'd ever been in my  entire life. I couldn't even believe it.


She's as handy as any home-improvement character you'd ever meet. Her mom will say, 'Ryan, how do I back up this hard drive?' And I'm just looking at her going, 'You're  asking the wrong person. Blake is right there.'


My wife is the real, I mean she is a mercenary. At one point in the middle of the delivery, the doctor's cell phone went off and she said, 'Oh no. Go ahead, take a personal call. Feel free.' She was cracking jokes in the delivery room.


My wife knows how to work a red carpet,  I'll say that. Yeah, she might be the Beyonce of red carpets. She's turned that into an athletic event.


"I knew he would always be my best friend  for my whole life. That was the biggest thing to me.  I'd never known anything like the friendship that I had  with him. I could like him as much as I loved him."


She always responds with empathy. She meets anger  with empathy. She meets hate with empathy. She'll take  the time to imagine what happened to a person when they were five  or six years old. And she's made me a more empathetic person.  I had a very fractured relationship with my father. Before he  died, she made me remember things Ididn't want to remember.  She made me remember the good times.


Reporter: I'm in love with your wife. Ryan: Oh wonderful, me too.