Every group of girls has these kinds of friends in it. Some are shy, while others just can’t stop talking. Some like to stay at home, while others live to party. Watch this hilarious video to see the kind of friend you are!

Type 1: Guy Chaser

She can’t get enough of cute guys, and drools over each of them. She may even pester you to let her talk to your “cute brother”!

Type 2: Gossip Queen

She thrives on social media, and stalks everybody left, right, center. She then makes it a point to tell her friends about some juicy gossip she just discovered.

Type 3: Cry Baby

From the guys who keep cheating her to the nails that keep getting chipped – she’s the one for whom all things go wrong!!

Type 4: Party Animal

She lives to party, and spends most of her living hours trying to convince her friends to come party with her. Her answer to all of life’s celebration and troubles is – party.

Type 5: Chilled Out

This one gives zero f*cks about what the world thinks of her. She does what she wants to do, and just does not care.

Type 6: Book Worm

This one worries too much about exams, marks and tuitions. You’d often find her drowning in one book or another – even when she’s out with her friends!