I think we can all agree on the fact that advertisements have a major role in our lives, as they inform us about products, new offers on them or if some company introduces a new flavor for a product, advertisement is the best way to show case it. However, some of the advertisement are so weird and blunt out makes no sense. Here’s a list of few of them

1. Girls Chasing Guys After Applying Deodorant

[iframe class=”post-video-frame” src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/PhaFDkkDKzg” width=”100%” allowfullscreen=”true”]

Video Source : Youtube

I mean seriously, what’s up with that? If any of that actually happened after applying just a simple deodorant. Trust me!. half of the couples would be still married and the entire of the male population in the world would have a girlfriend right now.

2. Wax Commercials

[iframe class=”post-video-frame” src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/2l-ANmX1B2o” width=”100%” allowfullscreen=”true”]

Video Source : Youtube

Why do all the wax commercials show girls waxing their legs which are already hair-less and looks like they just came out of the parlor?. Like no!. These hairless legs being waxed are not gonna impress me and make me, buy your product. If you wanna impress me, show me a hairy person being waxed and all their hair coming out in one go.

3. The Sanitary Napkins Commercial

[iframe class=”post-video-frame” src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/4udPm4Xns3s” width=”100%” allowfullscreen=”true”]

Video Source : Youtube

The thing I don’t understand about these pad commercials is that why is the girl doing all the dare devil activities while she is on her period?. Now, i’m not saying that it is not possible for a woman to do all that while she is on her period but seriously like why does she have to climb a mountain, fly a plane, do cliff diving and para- sailing at the same time and then on top off that why are all of them wearing white pants while doing so, like what’s up with that and where did the rest of the pant colours go to?.

4. Chocolate Commercials

[iframe class=”post-video-frame” src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/aeSPVANamAA” width=”100%” allowfullscreen=”true”]

Video Source : Youtube

Some of the chocolate commercials out there are great and definitely move our craving of chocolate to the next level but then again, there are a few of them where they keep chocolates in a luxurious box among trinkets, instead of in the cupboard, like Okay?. Who exactly does that?. At the end of these commercials, they always say ‘get for only rupees 5.’ So, i wanna ask them who exactly buys a box which is embedded with gold and diamonds to keep a five rupees chocolate?

5. The Fabric Softener Ads

[iframe class=”post-video-frame” src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/rcb8MnRNbvE” width=”100%” allowfullscreen=”true”]

Video Source : Youtube

The only problem here is why do they show people shutting their eyes and smile blissfully when putting on clothes washed with fabric softener?. Because obviously, that’s the ideal thing to do standing in the middle of you house while the people in your family are just standing there and staring at you.

6. Soap Commercials

[iframe class=”post-video-frame” src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/hW5RlD8Gh-0″ width=”100%” allowfullscreen=”true”]

Video Source : Youtube

The fact that they show people taking a bath in the shower is okay and frankly quite understandable but like why are they all laughing while in the shower as if the water is telling them funny joke. Like if this is a special kind of shower which tells jokes while one takes a bath, i’d like to buy one please!.

Have you see any of the weird commercial lately? Let us know in the comments!.