Dogs have for quite some time been included in fighting, and their utilization on the war zone backpedals a few thousand years. They were utilized as a part of different limits by the Old Egyptians, the Antiquated Greeks, and the Romans, despite everything they’re utilized right up ’til the present time as scouts, trackers, sentries, and mine discovery puppies. Around 5,000 US military puppies served amid the Vietnam War, and mutts have been in battle with US warriors amid each real clash.

#1 Soldier With His Dog

#2 Tech Sgt. Andrew Montgomery Comforts His Dog Diesel Inside An Army UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopter

#3 Army Soldier And His Military Working Dog Jump Off The Ramp Of A CH-47 Chinook Helicopter

#4 Military Dog Taking A Nap With His Fellow Soldiers

#5 U.S. NAVY Petty Officer Blake Soller And His Military Working Dog Rico Pay Tribute To The National War Dog Cemetery

#6 A Police Dog And Its Trainer Practise Skipping At A Police Dog Training Base

#7 Combat Tracker Dog Lex – Who Loves Attention – Enjoys Some Free Time With His Handler, Marine Lance Corporal, John Peeler

#8 By Your Side No Matter What

#9 Labrador Retrievers Work Alongside Marines In Afghanistan To Help Sniff Out Improvised Explosive Devices And Other Explosives

#10 Policeman Trains Their Dogs At Wanbei Police Dog Training Ceter In Anhui Province

#11 Senior Airman Tariq Russell Shakes The Paw Of His Partner

#12 Labrador Retriever Hawkeye Lays By The Casket During The Funeral Of His Owner, Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson

#13 Police Dogs – Small And Grown Up – Line Up With At Roskilde Cathedral Where The Murdered Danish Police Officer, Jesper Jul, Receives A State Funeral

#14 Kally Works With His Partner, Lance Cpl. Sam Enriquez, During A Night Training Operation

#15 Sleeping Together

#16 Friends Till Death Do Us Part

#17 Military Paratrooper Dog

#18 A Belarussian Military Dog Rides A Platform

#19 Dog Kissing A Soldier

#20 Sgt. Mark Bush Gets Affectionately Licked By His Dog, Xarius

#21 A Soldier And His Explosive Sniffing Dog Salute

#22 U.S. Air Force Airman 1st Class Jason Fischman Hoists With A U.S. Army Tactical Explosive Detection Dog

#23 Naresh Kaushik With His Dog Queena After A Day Of Practice

#24 Staff Sgt. Philip Mendoza Pets His Military Working Dog, Rico, Wearing “Doggles,” During Training Aboard A Helicopter

#25 Dogs Are Being Trained For Special Operations In Turkey, Nevsehir

#26 A Puppy Saved From A Fire Becomes A Firefighter

#27 This Is Corporal Kiddy. She Had Just Earned Her Retirement After 12 Years With The U.S. Marines

#28 A Belarusian Military Instructor Trains Her Dog In A Frontier Guards’ Cynology Centre Near Minsk

#29 My Coworker With A New Military Attack Dog

#30 U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Isaiah Schult, An Improvised Explosive Device Dog Handler, Jokes With Afghan Children

#31 A Dog Handler Gives His Military Working Dog, Rroger, A Drink From His Own Water Source

#32 U.S. Army Sgt. Bethzabe Delgado, Right, Prepares A Dog To Receive An Iv During A Subject Matter Expert Exchange For Military And Police Dog Handlers In Tumaco, Colombia

#33 U.S. Army Specialist Justin Coletti Of Us Forces Afghanistan K-9 Combat Tracker Team Resting With Dasty, A Belgian Malinois At An Airfield

#34 Sergeant Bourgeois Clips Oopey’s Toenails Before A Mission In Afghanistan

#35 Lucca Visiting A Veteran At Walter Reed

#36 U.S. Marine Cpl. Kyle Click Shares A moment With His Dog Windy While Waiting To Resume A Security Patrol

#37 Wilbur, A U.S. Marine Corps Military Working Dog With A Marine Special Operations Team

#38 Staff Sgt. Mark Bush, 8th Security Forces Squadron Military Working Dog Handler, Takes A Break From Validation Training With Iian, 8th Sfs Military Working Dog

#39 British Soldier From The Royal Army Veterinary Corp LCPL Marianne Hay And Her Arms And Explosive Search Dog, Leanna

#40 German Sheppard Dog Named Benjo

#41 Staff Sgt. Mark Bush, 8th Security Forces Squadron Military Working Dog Handler, Takes A Break From Validation Training With Iian, 8th Sfs Military Working Dog

#42 British Soldier From The Royal Army Veterinary Corp LCPL Marianne Hay And Her Arms And Explosive Search Dog, Leanna

#43 German Sheppard Dog Named Benjo

#44 Fallen Bardstown Police Officer Jason Ellis’ Partner Figo Pays His Last Respects

#45 Service Dog On A Mission

#46 Soldier And His Service Dog

#47 Police Dog And His Handler

#48 Marine Carries His Partner Back To The Kennels After A Grueling Two-Hour Search

#49 Soldier With Her Dog

#50 A Dog Saying Goodbye To His Soldier Friend

#51 A U.S. Navy Seal Military Working Dog While On A Training Exercise

#52 U.S. Army Sergeant Nathan Arriaga Of The Us Forces Afghanistan K-9 Unit, Sleeping With Zzarr, A 6-Year Old Dutch Shepherd

#53 U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Jessie Johnson, 3rd Infantry Division Military Working Dog Handler, Practices Placement Training With Her Dog, Chrach

#54 Military Police U.S. Marines Relaxes With Their Bomb Sniffer Dogs

#55 A Marine Embraces His Military Working Dog

#56 A Member Of The German Lutfwaffe Gets A Lick From Candy, A 15-Week Old German Shepherd Who Will Be Trained To Detect Explosives

#57 In Afghanistan A Helicopter Transports An Ied-Detecting Belgian Malinois Named Oopey, Sitting Next To His Handler

#58 Spc. Chavez And MWD Anouska Returning From Afghanistan

#59 Military Dog In Training

#60 Bassie Practices Rappelling From A Roof And Leaping Through A Window To Confront An Enemy, Reducing The Risk To The Men Who Follow

#61 U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Cody Whitis A Military Working Dog Handler And His Dog Gracie Rest At Forward Operating Base Geronimo Afghanistan

#62 Sgt. John Barton Pets His Platoon’s Pet Dog Ray-Ray

#63 Erica Mcrell, 7th Security Forces Squadron Military Working Dog Trainer, With Her Colleague

#64 Playtime After Training

#65 Cpl. Amy-Jane Harrop, A Military Working Dog Handler, Takes A Break In The Shade With Her Dog, Troy, In Afghanistan

#66 RAF Police Dog Training

#67 Sgt. Kevin Reese And His Military Working Dog Grek Wait At A Safe House Before Conducting An Assault Against Insurgents In Buhriz, Iraq

#68 Luca, A Military Working Dog With 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team

#69 Senior Airman Gregory Darby, A Military Working Dog Handler, Shares A Quiet Moment With His Dog Mack

#70 First Day Of Work

#71 Military Dog “Protecting” Sleeping Soldier At The Airport

#72 A Military Working Dog Plays With Staff Sgt. Stephanie Pecovsky

#73 Seven-Week-Old Belgian Malinois Puppies Exercise At Lackland Air Force Base Months Before Their Training Starts

#74 U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl Tyler Hoffman And His Military Working Dog, Khaki, Perform A Routine Security Halt In A Field During A Patrol In Marjah, Afghanistan

#75 U.S. Air Force Working Dog

#76 Meet Xxcalliber! Few Month Old Military Working Pup

#77 Rangers From Headquarters And Headquarters Company, 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, And A Multi-Purpose Canine Pause During A Nighttime Combat Mission In Afghanistan