Good Selfie
Good Selfie

Despite the ongoing technological changes on a global scale, certain things remain constant. In the era of smartphones and social media, the popularity of selfies has skyrocketed, making them an integral part of our digital lives. From capturing cherished moments and expressing individuality, there is no denying selfies are here to stay.

Selfies have changed over the years as social media provided a perfect place for people to upload and share their images. With the advent of filters and many other image editing tools, uploading the perfect selfie has become a craze among Internet users. ExpressVPN’s study revealed that only 29% of people are willing to share an unedited selfie on social media, highlighting the heavy reliance on editing tools to curate one’s online presence.

How To Capture The Perfect Selfie

Despite the popularity of photoshoots and videos, most social media users prefer to capture and upload selfies. This is why the popularity of taking selfies has remained among the younger generations. So what can you do to capture the perfect selfie? Let’s find out.

  1. Find flattering lighting

Despite where you are, the first thing you must consider is the lighting. Lighting plays a crucial role in a selfie’s overall appearance. The environment around you will determine the mood of your selfie and how good it looks. So, look for a natural light source rather than capturing selfies in a studio, or consider using a ring light. Using warm lighting can also enhance the beauty and mood of your selfies.

  • Use an upper angle

Many people are unaware that capturing a selfie from a slightly raised angle can make your images look better. If you raise your hands above your head to capture a selfie, your face will look sharper. Additionally, keep your eyebrows slightly raised rather than keeping them in a resting position.

  • Experiment with neck postures

Try exploring different neck postures to find the one that worlds best for you. In certain cases, extending your neck in a natural way can create the illusion of a longer and more elegant neck posture. While this technique may not suit everyone, it could enhance your overall posture and contribute to a more appealing selfie.

  • Keep your lips natural

Avoid forcing an awkward smile and instead opt for a more relaxed expression. If you do not want to smile in your selfie, try to relax your lips and breathe through your mouth to make your face more relaxed. This approach creates a more natural facial expression, resulting in an authentic selfie.

  • Explore hand movement

Even though a lot of people do not include their hands while taking selfies, incorporating hand movements can provide a wide range of poses. So if you find yourself taking repetitive selfies, try posing with your hands to create interesting and unique poses. Experiment with different hand placements and gestures to create dynamic and captivating selfies.


Capturing the perfect selfie takes a lot of time and effort, but with practice, you can master this skill yourself. It is not easy to capture a perfect selfie every time if you do not know the basics. However, if you follow the steps mentioned above, you will have a better chance of capturing the perfect selfie for your social media. Remember to embrace your unique features, be confident, and let your true self shine through each captured moment.

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