Shah Rukh Khan……………… Naam to sunna hoga.

Yes yes, we all are familiar with this name but this article has some facts about the living legend which most of us are unaware of.

#1 The most priced possession for SRK is Mannat.

Shahrukh has a lot of emotions attached to his home. He considers his home as sacred. He once quoted that he could gamble on anything but never his home and even if he’s broke he would not even think of selling Mannat.

#2 SRK salutes his Alma Mater.

Shahrukh attended one of the most famous colleges in Delhi University. When Hansraj College completed their golden jubilee, they decided to give shields to students who have excelled in their life and SRK was definitely one of the shield holders.

#3 Aditya Chopra is SRK’s best friend.

Not only Shahrukh respects Aditya Chopra a lot but also follows the policy of ‘Anything for Adi’. He agreed to be a part of Adi Chopra’s debut ‘Dilwaale Dulhaniya’ without even reading the script of the movie.

#4 SRK Loves his Pajamas.

Have you heard anyone who irons his Pajamas before going to bed?

Well SRK is one such weird. He believes that there might be a possibility of finding someone special while one is dreaming and ironed pajamas is definitely a thumb up.

#5 SRK believes in Numerology.

Could you ever imagine a man like SRK to be superstitious?
SRK believes that the number 555 is his lucky charm. All his cars have 555 as their number plate. Though astronomy doesn’t fascinate him at all, but this baller is very particular about his numbers.

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